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Divination is the art of communing with Spirit, with the Weaver’s tangled threads of fate, and delving into intuitive wisdom. Card reading, scrying, and spirit board work all move you towards answering your questions and finding solutions to your problems. While these techniques are not simple, quick fixes or cheat-sheet answers, they do offer insight, clarity, and a sense of deeper understanding. Quick fixes are usually temporary, but opening to insight and spending time teasing out your options and mapping your course is something that lasts.

Our readings are about deepening your connection with yourself, with others, and with the world around you. They’re about finding deeper understanding and seeing things from new perspectives. Each of us has our own unique style of reading, and we’re excited to get you started on the next leg of your journey.

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The tarot is one of my favorite windows into Mystery, and an invaluable tool for delving into intuitive wisdom and connecting with Spirit. So now, I’m inviting you to dive in with me.

For me, reading the tarot or oracle cards is like conversing with your inner self in the most magical way. There is a certain kind of song that arises with each reading- like a bard’s song telling a tale. My readings are about connection– between you and me, me and the cards, the cards and you. It’s a collaboration, a sharing of insight. I find that each reading has something new to teach us, and not just in terms of the answers it provides. There’s also a lesson in how it provides the answers. Like so many things in our lives, the process is often just as important as the outcome.

My readings give you insights that range from the spiritual to the practical, and often the line between those things blurs in the most beautiful of ways. Let me help you shed some light on your questions.

Want to know a little more about me? You can read our About page, or check out my interview with The Tarot Lady and another with North Star Muse.

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Oracle New

I bought my first deck of tarot cards in Salem, MA when I was fourteen years old. I still have the deck; it’s worn but just as beautiful. I’ve been reading ever since.

For me, card reading is a practice in caring for yourself. When I get readings or read for myself, I come away with a better understanding of myself–strengths, flaws, choices, loves. Of all the science in the world, the calculus classes I’ve taken, all the philosophers’ twisting arguments I’ve read, the self always seems like the most difficult subject to get a handle on. Card work like this lets us all get a better idea of who we are, where we’re going, what we want, what we need, and how to get it.

My reading style is very intuitive and I don’t use specific spreads. As I draw, the cards easily fall into place in my mind as I’m placing them down. Each reading, each question, has its own individual spread that will probably never be recreated. My go-to decks are The Wooden Tarot, The Druid Plant Oracle, and the Green Man Oracle. Each has its own voice and connection to the web of our world.

Want to know a little more about me? You can read our About page for more.

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Once you’ve added your card reading to your shopping cart, consider adding a little extra depth or more layers to your reading. We have several add-ons to choose from: Scrying and divination board work add even more perspectives and new ideas to your reading’s results. We’ll also create and mail you custom spell kits based on the results of your reading so you can take an active role in manifesting your goals.

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“Being a professional tarot reader, I understand the importance of getting a reading from someone else for a non-biased perspective. I had many options of readers to go to and am glad that I chose Desi. The reading he gave me was incredibly accurate, including stuff I didn’t necessarily want to look at when I received the reading, but needed to address – which to me is the mark of a highly skilled reader – and exactly why I choose not to read for myself. Desi is an intelligent and intuitive reader who speaks and writes with precision and eloquence. His reading gave me much needed clarity and advice to re-asses my situation and make the best out of it. I would highly recommend his readings and services that he offers at the Dreaming Bat.”
Mat Auryn, professional witch

“Wow, where do I begin? This was so right on it was scary. I got emotional many times while going through this tarot reading and I was absolutely amazed to see how much of it resonated with me and with how I’ve been feeling lately. I’ve printed this out and I plan to read it over and over again whenever I need some courage to keep moving forward. I was really so touched by this insightful and thorough reading and I have to say it was well worth the price, in fact I feel like I got an absolute steal. I am truly overwhelmed in the best possible way with the accuracy and depth of this reading!”
—Sara W.

“You have a serious talent! You nailed it, all of it! I’ve had some ‘education’ in psychic mediumship as well as having a few friends in the field that I truly trust and you are right up there with the other spiritual advisors I feel I can turn to with solid information. I look forward to getting more readings from you through The Dreaming Bat.”
—Audrey I.

“Thank you so much for this in depth reading! You are awesome! I will surely hit you up whenever I need some clarity. Thank you for the light.”
—Eniola O.


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