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dreaming bat pathfinding picture of forest stone stairwayDiscover the Pagan spirituality that’s been calling you with The Dreaming Bat’s Pathfinding Lessons. Pathfinding lessons are tailored to your specific spirit-calling in order to teach you the methods, techniques, and ideas you’re looking for so you can build or strengthen your Pagan practice.

It can be really hard to figure out where to start when you’re just beginning to explore Pagan spirituality. That’s where we come in. Lessons at The Dreaming Bat help you establish the basis of your personal practice. We work with you to figure out what makes the most sense for you to learn as you develop your art.

Or, if you’re already experienced in the practice of magic, Pathfinding can help you deepen your craft. We’ll create lessons based on the direction your inner compass is pointing you.

Magic is a constantly evolving, wild thing–and that’s good! That’s what’s so beautiful about it. And that’s why our Pathfinding lessons evolve with you as you discover your Pagan spirit.

Lessons take place over Skype, email, and in person when possible. We have three packages for you to choose from, each with its own unique offerings:

Two 1-hour Pathfinding sessions over one month
2 challenge assignments & email feedback
Weekly email check-ins
Four 1-hour Pathfinding sessions over two months
4 challenge assignments & email feedback
Weekly email check-ins
A Tarot or Oracle Reading
A personalized gift package
Six 1-hour Pathfinding sessions over three months
6 challenge assignments & email feedback
Weekly email check-ins
A Tarot or Oracle reading
A Reiki session
A personalized gift package


So let’s chat! Use our contact page to say hi and we’ll talk with you about what you’re looking for so you can get an idea if Pathfinding is for you.



“Desi and Kay are just wholly cut out for this work. Their demeanor, patience, and breadth of knowledge made it possible for a profoundly skeptical and utterly non-spiritual person like me to explore ideas I would almost certainly not have considered before. Their interest is contagious. With their help, I reconnected with a few symbols of personal power.”
—R.T. Quinn of Website Refinery

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