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Q: How do I know if paganism is for me?
A: If you’re not sure, you kinda have to try it. And honestly, you’ll probably want to give it few chances because there are so many different ways to be pagan. It’s like saying sandwiches just aren’t for you after trying a BLT, but maybe you’d love a grilled cheese!

Q: Can I still take part in earth-based religions even if I’m terrible at meditating?
A: First off–yes, of course. But second, we’re 99% sure you’re not terrible at meditating. You might struggle with what you think meditating has to be like. Meditation is a widely used and varied practice not at all limited to sitting in one spot and not having any thoughts. So can you be a pagan without meditating? Sure. But we can also work with you to find a type of meditation that works for you.

Q: I see a lot of pagan books that have a very traditional man/woman bent to their teachings. I am part of the LGBTQIA+ community, is this a safe space?
A: Very! Besides being part of it ourselves, we’ve done a lot of work within the LGBTQIA+ pagan community. Whether your path has a God and Goddess aspect to it or you’re more interested in Queer magick (not that those things are necessarily mutually exclusive), we’re here to support you.

Q: You say you can help me build my own pagan spiritual practice based on my wants and needs. If a religion has only one follower, does it count?
A: A lot of us were raised in organized religion which often teaches us to believe that faith is something you inherit and adapt to in order to participate. Or that religious beliefs are something only someone else can tell us. And sure, that’s one way. But if you follow that line all the way back–where did that first guy get it from? Something sacred. Something divine. So did that religion not count when it was just that first human? No, of course not. And if you draw from what you call divine and start your own traditions, you’re doing exactly what happened back then. (Plus, no one’s insisting that your spirituality has to be religious. That’s a choice that’s totally up to you!)

Q: Does tarot reading really work? Can you really tell me my future?
A: Okay, here’s the thing. card readings–tarot and oracle alike–aren’t going to give you the day and time you’ll finally sell your house, the name of your one true love, or the winning lottery number. (As much as we wish that were the case!) Instead, a card reading is more about tapping into intuitive wisdom to help you move towards your goals or gain insight into your best life. When we read the cards, we enter into a conversation with them, with you, with ourselves and our allied spirits. And from that conversation, we’re able to map out a possible path for you to take in your personal evolution. So yes, tarot and oracle readings really work–just not the way they do in the movies.

Q: Can you teach me to read the tarot?
A: Sure! We’d be happy to help you learn to read cards. If you check out our Pathfinding lesson packages and choose the one you like best, we’ll design you a lesson plan with reading tarot at its center.

Q: Can I hire you to read cards at my party?
A: Sorry, friend. We don’t offer party readings. But if you ever decide you want to buy a personal reading for yourself, hit us up! We’d love to connect with you.

Q: Isn’t this stuff sinful and/or evil?
A: Easy answer–nope! Pagan and earth-based religions aren’t evil. They draw from very old traditions, nature-based lore, various mythologies, and personal power. It’s easy to fall into that assumption given Paganism’s pop-cultural representation, but in reality it’s just another way to look at and interact with the world.

Q: What is the difference between tarot and oracle readings?
A: Both kinds of readings give you insight and advice, and both are equally effective techniques. Card readings generally focus on both actively examining the forces and people external to you and on introspection of your inner emotional landscape. It’s the balance of these two aspects of your life that differs between tarot and oracle readings. In our experience, if you’re looking to focus on happenings going on both within and in the world around you and how to best affect change, you might consider tarot. If you want intense focus on your emotional well-being and inner workings, oracle might be a good fit. Oracle readings also tend to be a little more straightforward in their meanings, while tarot can get a little more esoteric.

Q: What are divination boards and scrying, and why would I add them to my reading?
A: Divination boards are a lot like spirit boards, only they’re not solely designed for communicating with spirits. Rather, they employ the use of pendulums, thrown sand and stones, or energy work to feel out symbols and words drawn on the board itself. Scrying is the art of kinda letting yourself zone out in a tactile or visual way and opening to vision-seeking work. Kay uses beads for scrying while Desi prefers crystals or smoke. Both kinds of divination offer different flavors of insight than card readings do. Adding one of these to your reading gives you new layers of meaning from different angles.

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