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About the dreaming bat, cauldron with flowers Walking the path of your spirituality is like walking through a hundred thousand crossroads. Maybe you’re standing at one now, and that’s what brought you here. Either way, we’re happy you came. The Dreaming Bat is a place to explore Pagan spiritual ideas, witchcraft, and techniques.

If you’re looking for lessons to help you establish a solid Pagan spiritual practice or strengthen your existing one, we’re here to help. Our Pathfinding lessons are tailored to your specific journey to guide and teach you the art of magic.

Our Tarot and Oracle readings help you find clarity and insight. Our philosophy is that reading the tarot is a profound act of collaboration—between you and us, us and the cards, the cards and you. We’re all woven together, and reading tarot is just a matter of teasing wisdom out of that beautiful tangle. That wisdom is pulled from within you, from within us and the cards, but also, we believe, from Spirit. And it’s waiting for you.

We invite you to take our hands and join us in that exploration. After all, that’s what magic is: An exploration. And what’s more exciting than that?


The Dreaming Bat’s home base is nestled in the New Hampshire White Mountains. It is comprised of a nice couple of witches and their tiny dog.



Des Firetower processed small…And I’m a Witch. I believe that each place has a spirit of its own, ancient and awe-inducing, connected with the Wyrd footprint of spirit. I am a priest to Cernunnos, dedicant of the WildWood Tradition of Witchcraft, and dedicant of Persephone. I practice animistic, Shamanic, ecstatic witchcraft. I’ve been reading and practicing magick with the Tarot for over a decade, and I’m also certified as a level II Reiki practitioner. Here are a few other fact-snacks about me: I’m a trans-man, a graduate student, an artist, and a writer. Some of my favorite things include Kay, dogs, comics, board games, The West Wing, tattoos, and listening to Calexico. But all of that is just details. The real story is this: I live deep in this pulsing, thriving universe. I let myself dive in over my head, gladly and with thanks. Magick is in my soul and in my blood. I am disassembled and made whole again and again, through initiation after initiation, and I would never want it any other way.



kay tree 2 small I’ve been a practicing witch before I knew what I was doing was Witchcraft. When I was six or so I would sneak out into the woods behind my house to bring small offerings to thank the forest for being green. My practice closely follows the wheel of the seasons and focuses on folk traditions of interacting with Faerie. It’s ecstatic and shamanic. I am dedicated to a god of wind and storm and I am a dedicant of the WildWood Tradition of Witchcraft. I chant, work with smoke and bones and handfuls of herbs, or often with no tools at all. Other facts about me include: I am non-binary (gender neutral pronouns) and pansexual, I’m very short, I am fond of camping and obnoxiously bright nail polish, balloons scare me, and I am fueled by copious amounts of tea.



IMG_20150205_175642 He’s part chihuahua, part rat terrier, and fourteen pounds of rescue dog. He has one good ear, one good eye, and more personality than most candidates for public office. When he is not sleeping on laps, he enjoys sleeping on the couch, sleeping on the bed, and sleeping on clean folded laundry. He also answers to Samwise, Samsonite, Samuel James, BatDog, and Little Jerk. We’re not sure if he’s a Witch, but he’s pretty magickal in his own special way.


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