It’s okay to be a little afraid in Paganism.

Comfort zones are lovely things. They’re comfy! Sometimes my witchcraft curls right up in my mental-pillow-fort and we have a quiet evening being chill and drinking wine. But more often, my witchcraft stomps all over my comfort zone, throwing me into the wild. spooky-450795_1280

I think it’s more than okay to be a little afraid when you practice witchcraft. I think it’s good. There are some who would say that it’s okay to be a lot afraid in paganism and I can get behind that too (on a less regular basis for me though please.) Paganism is a million paths, each different, each valid. Speaking from my path and perspective, fear is healthy part of it.

Fear is how I know I’m not in a rut. I’m not stagnant. Because being uncomfortable is how we grow and learn and heal. We confront a fear or an assumption. We come face to face with something that challenges how we think about the world or ourselves. It makes us change and often the thing we are most afraid of is what we need most. As we go through life, we’re like a spear thrown into a storm. We have direction, but the winds whittle away and chip at us, peeling away pieces as we move, shaping us like a sculpture. We don’t arrive where we’re going the same being, but we arrive better.

We can do all this while practicing self care and safety. This isn’t an encouragement to go out skydiving–I know I never will. This is about exploring traditions and practices that you aren’t sure are exactly for you. Reading witchy books from authors you don’t know. This about looking inward and facing yourself. Learning who you are and who you want to be.

Close up of someone in hiking books standing on a rockThis about pushing yourself to do the thing that you’re afraid you’ll be bad at–cast that full circle loud and proud, attend a drum circle and dance around the fire, buy your first tarot deck.

As pagans we are connecting to something vaster, older, darker, and brighter than our humans minds can fully comprehend. When you root yourself in a mediation and are feeling that deeply, it’s a little scary because it is big and important. Don’t run from it.


Paganism is scary like space is scary. You look up at a clear night sky and you get dizzy thinking about how far away and how immense, how cold and how deadly–but it’s beautiful beyond words too. And you don’t want to stop.

So don’t stop.


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