How To: Breathing the Seasons.

Hi, all! Kay here. I want to share with you a breathing exercise I use almost every day that I call Breathing the Seasons. For me, it’s perfect for trance work but I use it for meditation too. No tools needed. Here we go!

Breathing the Seasons

Sit someplace comfy and quiet.

It starts as a basic Square Breathing practice:

  • Breathe in while you count slowly to four.
  • Hold that breath while you count slowly to four.
  • Exhale while you count slowly to four.
  • Wait with your lungs empty while you count slowly to four.
  • Repeat.

    Once you feel you have the hang of that, add in some visuals.
    Photo of a tree covered in pink spring flowers.

      Breathe in for four. Picture a landscape in Spring, or maybe just one tree if that feels better. With that breath, feel the earth pulling, pulling all that sun in to warm the ground and pulling in all those nutrients hidden deep in the dirt. The earth is growing and it’s gathering strength.

    Photo of a tree with a canopy full of bright green leaves.

      Hold for four. Picture that landscape in the full bloom of Summer. The earth is overwhelmingly full and bountiful. While holding that breath, that energy, feel that earth has grown full and strong, with seeds and fruits ripening.

    Photo of tree in autumn with orange foliage.

      Exhale for four. Picture that landscape in Fall. It’s the harvest. As you breathe out feel the trees casting down their seeds along with their bright leaves. Feel the apples picked from heavy branches. Feel the earth releasing that energy as a gift so we all can live.

    Photo of pine trees covered in snow in Winter.

      Wait for four. Picture that landscape in Winter. It is a resting time. The earth is sleeping under a blanket of snow after a long year of work to provide for all us creatures who live on Her skin. As you wait feel that calm of emptiness and the anticipation of life about to burst up in the coming Spring.

    If you like you can use a mantra for each part of the breath to keep your rhythm. You could easily use:

      Spring. Summer. Fall. Winter.

    I use:

      Growth. Bounty. Harvest. Fallow.

    Happy breathing, everyone!

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